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Tomas Gauthier

CEO Co-founder, [email protected]

Montreal, Quebec

E. [email protected]

Tomas is a passionate technology entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He’s spent the past decade operating and deploying various web and mobile products. Prior to founding Liquid Crowd he founded HitLab that uses its own patented technology to create unique experiences for consumers to interact with bands and artists. Tomas has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Bishops University.

Varun Rayen

Senior Software Developer

Montreal, Quebec

E. [email protected]

As a self-proclaimed creative geek from Montreal, the start-up has become a way of life for Varun. Coming from development studies and armed with an insatiable enthusiasm for learning new technologies, he cares deeply about how humans and ethics interact with technology. He strongly believes that technology is meant for all and that it’s meant to solve big problems.

Lukas Shannon

Junior Software Developer

Montreal, Quebec

E. [email protected]

In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, exploring the cutting edge is essential. Lukas is a full-stack web developer passionate about experimentation, invention, and user experience with a hunger for emerging technologies. He helps Liquid Crowd investors and campaign teams navigate the site with ease and gain access to powerful features so that they can connect with each other in a way that is comfortable, productive, efficient and secure.

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