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Tomas Gauthier

CEO Co-founder, [email protected]

Montreal, Quebec

P. (514) 400-0059 ext.2

E. [email protected]

Tomas is a passionate technology entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He’s spent the past decade operating and deploying various web and mobile products. Prior to founding Liquid Crowd he founded HitLab that uses its own patented technology to create unique experiences for consumers to interact with bands and artists. Tomas has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Bishops University.

Maxence Gagné-Godbout

Co-founder PR/Investor Relations, [email protected]

Montreal, Quebec

E. [email protected]

Maxence has over 10 years of experience in the investment industry. His experience and institutional relationships in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver make him a leader in the industry.

Jean-Philippe Beaudet

Co-founder CTO, [email protected]

Montreal, Quebec

E. [email protected]

As a self-proclaimed creative geek from Montreal, the start-up has become a way of life for Jean-Philippe. Coming from game development studies and armed with an insatiable enthusiasm for learning new technologies, he cares deeply about how humans and ethics interact with technology. He strongly believes that technology is meant for all and that it’s meant to solve big problems.

Mathieu Fanoni

Project Lead, [email protected]

Montreal, Quebec

P. (514) 400-0059 ext.1

E. [email protected]

Passionate about start-ups and new technologies, his logistic and interpersonal skills are great assets for companies who think outside of the box.

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