World’s first fitness app to reward users with Crypto and NFTs for staying healthy and supporting social and environmental causes, including carbon credit projects.

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“Climate change and growing social inequality are both tragic and exhilarating situations because they spur action.”

Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft Corporation and billionaire philanthropist, is now devoting his life to climate change. In a recent interview, he sums up in one sentence what all the experts are saying: “If we don’t start funding innovation now, it will be impossible to meet our decarbonization goals before we run out of time.

Turning this moment in history into a turning point

The Covid-19 crisis is not a parenthesis in our lives. It is only the first of many shocks that we will suffer because of climate change and the erosion of biodiversity. The current economic model increases inequalities, destroys the environment and accentuates social imbalances.

Today, our collective priority must be to protect humans and the planet. We must do everything to limit global warming to 1.5°C, safeguard biodiversity and organize societies intolerant of social inequalities.

Investing for the future with Fintech Sport Group and JustMove

The climatic, environmental and social emergency must be the basis for the reconstruction programs of our societies. We can no longer wait. We must accelerate investments and multiply positive impact actions at all levels, health, social and environmental.

To respond to the need to create many more positive impacts, we must solve the main problem related to incentives. Incentives are currently limited to the individual’s moral conscience, providing a lack of motivation for the population to generate positive impacts.

Today, technological advances promote a sedentary lifestyle in the comfort of one’s own home to the detriment of physical health, giving to charity is a simple transaction, and being environmentally conscious translates into sacrifice.

To meet the crying need for liquidity, we need to accelerate impact investments that will counter and slow negative changes and increase research to find sustainable solutions by motivating and rewarding positive impact creators.

Fintech Sport Group Inc. has developed a mobile application and digital ecosystem using blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptographic tokens to motivate and reward individuals and companies for funding and accelerating carbon credit and positive social impact projects.

Company Highlights

  1. Fintech Sport Group Inc. is a fintech company founded in 2019 in Montreal, Canada.
  2. The company employs about 20 people and is led by experienced entrepreneurs with strong governance. The development team has solid expertise in blockchain, security, artificial intelligence and mobile application.
  3. The group received $2 million in private funding to develop its JustMove app and start the development of its Make an Impact ecosystem that rewards people for moving and doing positive things for the planet.
  4. To date, there are nearly 150,000 installations of the JustMove app spread across more than 40 countries.
  5. Last year, in startup mode, our community donated to about 50 charities with positive impact projects more than $500,000, on which we keep 10% of service fees and also contributed to the fight against climate change by offsetting a portion of its users’ carbon footprint in voluntary carbon credits, thus creating positive impacts on the environment.
  6. In 2022, our members will now be able to invest in carbon credit projects with their money or cryptocurrency to create CO2 reduction projects and will be able to continue to make voluntary donations to support our partners’ projects in our platform.
  7. We expect to have a multi-million dollar portfolio of projects that will accelerate the creation of positive impacts for society and the planet.
  8. We will market our services to businesses that will allow them to reward their employees for moving to stay healthy and creating positive impacts.
  9. Our blockchain technology innovations will accelerate investments in carbon and social credit projects by offering the first NFT marketplace dedicated to impact art where a portion of the revenue generated from the sale of artworks is reinvested in impact projects.
  10. Our JustMove app is also a payment app and digital wallet that is paired with a prepaid visa card and it can handle dollars, cryptos and NFT tokens.


Motivate people to move and create carbon credits and positive impacts by rewarding them with tokens on the blockchain and opening a new investment market on decentralized finance (DeFi) with Web 3.0 and non-fungible NFT technologies.


“To become the largest active community where every member is motivated and rewarded to accelerate the creation of positive impacts.”

Using blockchain to accelerate carbon credit creation and positive impacts

Climate and social change are underway and accelerating. We must quickly turn the tide by motivating, encouraging and rewarding the creation of positive impacts.

The message needs to find receptive ears, and everyone needs to share it. Influential people must endorse and support the movement. Individuals and companies must invest time and money while being more engaged. We can’t wait for actions from government authorities, both local and international before we act.

Philanthropic model

Faced with social and environmental emergencies, current philanthropic models are no longer sufficient. Two problems have emerged in recent years: legitimacy and effectiveness. Today, it is too difficult to verify the use of donated funds and to measure their real impact on society.

A positive impact

POSITIVE IMPACT is defined as an activity that has a beneficial effect or consequence for society or the planet on at least one of the three pillars of sustainable development (Social, Economic and Environmental).

The Make an Impact Ecosystem (MKI)

The Make an Impact tool suite

Carbon offsetting is one of the tools for reducing greenhouse gases and fighting global warming. Carbon offsetting consists of balancing or even neutralizing one’s CO2 emissions by financing CO2 offset or sequestration programs developing worldwide. Carbon offsetting is an institutional obligation under the Kyoto Protocol, but it can also be voluntary. It, therefore, concerns governments as well as companies and individuals. A carbon credit is the equivalent of one ton of CO2.

Carbon offsetting is MANDATORY

It is part of a convention to which States (signatories of the Kyoto Protocol) and companies are subject to when they have not managed to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment significantly. This system takes the form of a real market where Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs) or carbon credits are traded.

Tokenization of carbon project investments with blockchain and smart contracts

To accelerate the investments needed to create mandatory carbon credit projects that can be traded on the markets, the Make an Impact suite of tools offers a smart contract technology running on the blockchain that tokenizes the investments needed to complete the projects. For each investment in mandatory carbon credit projects initiated in the MKI impact crowdfunding platform, CO2 crypto tokens, each corresponding to the equivalent of one ton of CO2, are issued to the investor. The value of their initial investment is based on the current market carbon price per ton. Once the offset project is completed, the carbon credits produced can be resold at the new market price, and the money is distributed equally among the CO2 token holders.

VOLUNTARY carbon offsetting and positive impacts

The Impact Receipt Generator is at the heart of the ecosystem. It uses artificial intelligence and connected technologies to validate an individual’s or company’s voluntary carbon credits issued to offset their ecological footprint and the investments related to their positive impacts.

Once validated, the Impact Receipt Generator issues the creator a receipt and tokens registered on the blockchain that recognizes the positive impact value.

These issued tokens, the number of which is calculated according to the value of the impact, allow the creation of a new open and decentralized positive impact financing ecosystem operating with the NFT non-fungible token technology.

Decentralized platform for buying and selling NFT tokens associated with positive impacts

The decentralized NFT platform embedded in the ecosystem offers unique art, songs, books, videos or digital objects created by well-known artists, influencers or public figures who support and fund positive impact projects with their talents and fame.

By exchanging their tokens with the artist for an ownership stake in the NFT impact art, the token holder transfers the value of their positive impacts to the project and becomes a supporter of the cause.

As each token recognizes the investment value of a dollar associated with a positive impact, the total number of tokens exchanged to support the project will assign it an impact value and determine a price floor for its auction. If supporters transferred 50,000 tokens, the NFT impact piece will have directly contributed $50,000 of positive impact to the planet creating a great narrative for the project that will be recorded in the blockchain and available to the public for eternity.

This ecosystem’s exclusive funding method is called “Double Impact” and is a technological innovation like no other.

Motivating people to move by rewarding them

The Make an Impact ecosystem also offers a suite of technology tools that use distributed databases on blockchain to create reward smart contracts validated with APIs powering blockchain oracles. This technology allows individuals or companies to create positive impact challenges and reward the user.

The strength of the ecosystem

The strength of the Make An Impact (MKI) ecosystem enables charities, individuals and communities to benefit from the digital economy and meet the needs of a growing number of investors looking for different ways to support causes with their digital assets.

The JustMove App

Gamification and Donate-to-Earn

JustMove offers its users a gamification platform including progression levels and badges to motivate users to move and be active in the community.

Somewhat akin to the “Play-to-Earn” revolution, which is the latest business model adopted by the gaming industry that allows players to earn items by playing games in the form of cryptographic tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFT), JustMove will offer a new “Donate-to-Earn” gamification concept with unique badge collections that leverage blockchain technology to recognize the creation of positive impacts by users and can then be redeemed with exclusive artworks.

NFT Marketplace

In 2022, we will integrate several innovations:

The app will simplify impact investing by integrating the NFT platform right into the interface. It will become effortless for users to use their rewards to invest in NFT impact projects right from their mobile devices.

JustMove Enterprise: Reward employees who move

The corporate version of JustMove will allow employers to motivate their employees to get moving and offer them rewards when they complete the challenge. The employee will automatically receive the reward in their JustMove digital wallet. They can then deposit it on their virtual visa card, invest it in positive impact projects, or create virtual challenges to motivate their friends to move.

A VISA debit card with cash rewards

Users will also get their VISA debit card and receive cash rewards on every purchase they make online or in stores worldwide.

The Market

  1. The global fitness apps market is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 25.61% by 2025 to reach 13 billion USD annually.
  2. The major factors driving the growth of fitness apps are the demand for real-time data and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  3. The activity tracking (GPS) segment is expected to grow at the fastest rate from 2021 to 2025.
  4. Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the highest rate during the same period.
  1. In 2019 the market was valued at 5.5 billion USD and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.6% from 2021 to 2025.
  2. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are segments with the highest growth rates.
  3. Mobile payment services process an average value of two billion USD every day.
  4. 80% of Millennials have used a smartphone at least once to shop online.
Carbon Credit:
  1. In 2020, a new initiative dedicated to expanding voluntary carbon markets was the Institute of International Finance (IIF) with the support of Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action. The Task Force on the Development of Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM) is a private sector-led group with over 250 member institutions, including major corporations, civil society, international organizations and academics.
  2. A TSVCM summary report released in January 2021 provided details on voluntary carbon credit market estimates. These presented a carbon price scenario that will continue to rise in the coming years, suggesting a potential market size of $180 billion in 2030.
  1. With the growing interest in non-fungible tokens, the capitalization of the NFT market could exceed $35 billion by 2022 and $80 billion by 2025.
  2. Nearly $41 billion worth of crypto was spent on NFT marketplaces in 2021.
    23% of Millennials in the U.S. collect NFTs.
  3. By 2030, it is predicted that 70% of large organizations will offer NFT works as an important method of fundraising.

Business model

Marketing strategy

Our customer acquisition strategy includes the following elements:

  1. Creating a community of Influencers.
  2. Developing a referral program that pays those who promote the JustMove application.
  3. Establish partnerships with leading companies that generate positive ecological and social impacts.
  4. Negotiate strategic agreements with partners in related and complementary markets.

Ambassador program

Launch our referral commission program:

  1. Refer JustMove to a friend and receive $25 each (some conditions apply)!
  2. No limit on referral commissions.
  3. Expand your JustMove team and get even more impactful badges:
  4. Ambassador NFT Badge… double the rewards for moving.
  5. Eco NFT Badge… plant twice as many trees.
  6. Social NFT Badge… provide breakfasts for children across Canada.

Competitive advantages

JustMove differentiates itself by its technological advances, its interactive marketing approach and its alignment with the current trends of its target clientele.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Leading fitness application with artificial intelligence and a unique virtual challenge concept.
  2. MKI ecosystem with a suite of blockchain-based technology tools.
  3. Native MKI charitable utility token.
  4. Rewards platform for companies.
  5. Digital wallet.
  6. Current customers in over 40 countries.
  7. Unique one-click solution to purchase NFTs from Interac® transfers.
  8. Experienced high-tech team.
  9. Strategic partnerships have already been established.

Impactful governance

The company’s governance policies are established by experienced entrepreneurs and a strong Board of Advisors.

To ensure and secure the growth of its ecosystem, the Group has put in place the following methods and procedures:

Employee handbook

Every employee involved in the development of our ecosystem should be aware of the employee handbook. This handbook contains a general profil of the company and a statement on our management principles that guide the company. It also provides key information on working conditions and, finally, it contains some rules of conduct intended to ensure efficiency and harmony among all.

Click here to read the Employee Handbook

Code of business conduct and ethics

Fintech Sport Group Inc. requires its employees, consultants, partners and collaborators to uphold its code of conduct and informs them of the consequences of non-compliance.

The code is based on our values and determines how we intend to conduct business. It complements the Employee Handbook. The Code describes our position and expectations regarding the corporate and individual conduct expected of employees, managers, directors and others who represent Fintech Sport Group Inc.

It applies at all times, to members of the Board of Directors and all employees (regular, temporary, contract, full-time or part-time). Stakeholders: suppliers, partners and third parties (agents and consultants) are also expected to respect the code when dealing with Fintech Sport Group Inc.

Click here to view the Code of business conduct and ethics

Exit strategy

If conditions are right, we would like to list the company on the TSX-V or the CSE in the near future.

The process will begin on February 15, 2022. Our company would:

  1. Benefit from a much larger financing vehicle.
  2. Get a lot of media coverage in the business world.
  3. Be able to use its share capital to make acquisitions and accelerate its growth.

Join us as an investor

You can read the FULL investor presentation here 

Join us as an investor so we can accelerate our mission to creating an active community where every member is motivated to move for a healthy lifestyle, improve their financial health and create positive social impacts.

We cannot wait to have you on board!

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