ZenaPay is an enterprise software company, with multiple applications that it offers directly and through its subsidiaries.

ZenaPay’s main focus is developing enterprise cannabis software, enterprise cloud software, and blockchain solution provider.  ZenaPay specializes in payment solutions, plant tracker software, cannabis business management software, supply-chain blockchain management, compliance management, and government auditing software.

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ZenaPayInc. is an enterprise software solution provider specializing in cannabis focused technology for the purpose of:

  • plant tracking (seed to harvest);
  • cannabis business management;
  • payment solutions;
  • supply-chain management; and
  • compliance management.


Our initial products provide simple solutions for: 1. drone facilitated tracking of the plant growth cycle; and 2. processing payments for the cannabis industry.

Currently developing software for dispensaries, manufacturers, cultivators and government inspectors.

Under the ZenaPayInc. corporate product line are additional enterprise software solutions including:

  • electronic medical recording keeping;
  • video surveillance software; and
  • government auditing software.

Real Time Growth Health Solutions

Cloud Business Market Size According to Gartner

$150Billion by 2020

Blockchain Market Size According to Gartner

$24Billion by 2025

Countries Growing Hemp Legally According to New Frontier Data

50 in 2018

Key Management Team

Shaun Passley, PhD, CEO

Dr. Shaun Passleyis ZenaPay, Inc.’s Chairman and CEO. He holds a bachelor of science in finance and a master of science in Information Technology from DePaul University, an MBA from Benedictine University, a master of science in product design and a master of science in law from Northwestern University, and a PhD from Benedictine University College of Business. Dr. Passleyfounded two publicly traded companies, Epazz, Inc. and FlexFridge, Inc. Epazzacquired 11 software companies and had $2 million recurring revenue.

James Sherman, CFO

James A. Sherman has been a CPA for more than twenty years. Mr. Sherman began his accounting career at CentelCorporation, a Fortune 500 telecommunications organization. After eight years in positions of increasing responsibility, he left for a $3.5 billion division of Sprint Corporation, first as assistant treasurer and then acting treasurer, becoming a leading contributor to a $50 million cost savings project. Mr. Sherman spent six years at Mitsubishi Corporation, a $300 billion public conglomerate, as chief financial officer of a $250 m

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