OMG is a Canadian-based company operating a wholly owned Colombian subsidiary medical cannabis company focused on producing and commercializing non-psychoactive (CBD) products derived from medicinal and industrial cannabis. It is positioning itself to become one of the lowest cost, high margin businesses operating in Colombia. We are committed to delivering premium quality cannabis products to consumers.

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OMG’s purpose is to transform and distribute cannabis derivatives and products in Colombia and other international markets. 

OMG secures raw materials through the production of its multiple Licensed Producers (LPs) on organic certified farms throughout Colombia.


  • Colombian cannabis industry is still in the early development stage.
  • The practices to produce cannabis in Colombia are unstandardized. 
  • Licensed producers have limited access to technology and partners for transformation, distribution and export. 
  • Many licenses are being revoked for various reasons, including investigations into the background of stakeholders  
  • Licensed producers are asking large sums of money for the purchase of sub-standard operations. 
  • Financing for cannabis within Colombia is challenging and rare. 


  • Finance the production of multiple licensed producers (LP) and extensions of licences.
  • Access to multiple licenses in each category including: seed licenses, non-psychoactive licences, psycho-active licenses, transformation licenses and export licenses.
  • Provide world-class expertise and technology in cannabis production, cultivation and extraction.
  • Distribution to more than 8,350 pharmacies throughout Colombia. 
  • Finalizing distribution (off-take) agreements in Germany, Australia and Portugal.


  • Global cannabis oil awakening: Growing appetite and worldwide demand for low-cost high-standard oil.
  • Legal framework in Canada and Colombia: Ability to raise money in Canada and produce in Colombia
  • Growing conditions: Production costs in Colombia are $0.05 CAD per gram compared to around $1.50 CAD per gram in Canada. This is due to lower wages and better growing conditions across Colombia.
  • Only one year after the legalization of large-scale production, Colombia is poised to be the largest cannabis producer in the world with 44% of the world production authorized by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) for this year. 


  • Cannabis is poised to disrupt virtually every consumer industry. Legal cannabis became a US$12 billion global market in 2018 with exponential growth ahead.
  • Whilst the total global market for cannabis, both legal and illegal, stands at US$150 billion today, the global market research company Euromonitor International expects the legal market to grow to 77% of total sales, reaching US$166 billion by 2025. 
  • Medical marijuana emerged as the largest marijuana type segment in 2016 and is estimated to be valued at $US100.03 billion by 2025. CBD market will hit $US22 billion by 2022.
  • In Colombia, the emerging cannabis industry has the opportunity to supply an estimated market of 6 million patients.


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